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Is Pivoting A Sound Business Strategy Jack Nourafshan

Is Pivoting a Sound Business Strategy?

Introduction Pivoting means changing the fundamental nature of what you do to meet new challenges or take advantage of new opportunities. In other words, pivoting is a change in a company's fundamental strategy. Is Pivoting a Sound Business Strategy? Pivoting is a...

How Ai Has Changed Business Jack Nourafshan

How AI Has Changed Business

Artificial intelligence has been around for a long time, but it has only recently started to make an impact in the business world. AI has changed the way we do things and opened up new opportunities for businesses of all sizes. This article will discuss how AI has...

How To Maintain Professional Partnerships In Business Jack Nourafshan

How To Maintain Professional Partnerships in Business

Maintaining good business relationships is key to the success of any company. Strong partnerships with other businesses can lead to new opportunities, increased sales, and a better reputation in the community. However, it can be tricky for businesses to maintain these...

Looking Ahead At Cre Trends Jack Nourafshan

Looking Ahead at CRE Trends

Every day, commercial real estate trends are evolving and changing. It can be tough to keep up with all of the changes, but it's essential to stay informed so you can make the most advantageous choices for your business. In this blog post, we'll take a look at some of...

A Simple Guide To Cre Jack Nourafshan

A Simple Guide to CRE

Commercial real estate (CRE) is seen as a highly lucrative investment opportunity for investors around the world. However, investing in commercial real estate does not always translate into a guaranteed profit. It involves investing your money on a property with the...

Jack Nourafshan Los Angeles California Housing Bubble

How to Protect Yourself from Another Housing Bubble

Buying a house is a long-term investment. It is not usually the case when one has to deal with a housing bubble. A housing bubble can be devastating and frustrating since one’s home loses its value. A house is an investment because it should appreciate with time....