With the recent growth in the popularity of smart home technology, many homeowners are now considering renting their homes to others. This is a great way for those unable to sell their property during the housing market crash to generate some income. But before you can rent your home out as a smart home, there are a few things that need to be considered first. We will explore five key technologies to help rent your property more attractive and secure for potential renters.

1) In-House Smart Home Assistant

Using a smart home assistant can give renters access to information that is important for their stay. With Google Homes and Amazon Echos being so popular, almost everyone has one of these devices in their homes already. This means you could set up your own rental unit with voice commands which would allow potential renters to control lights, music, and the TV. This is a great draw for renters because they will get all of these features without paying any additional fees to utilities or subscription services.

2) Wireless Security System

A wireless security system is a good option for renters because it can be set up and controlled from your home. If you have ever been on vacation and lost the keys to your rental property, this technology could save the day. All you need to do is log into an app that controls all of the features of smart locks on each door. You can unlock and lock the doors as you please from your phone, which means renters won’t have to worry about losing their keys during their stay.

3) Digital Keypad

Another good option for renters is a digital keypad. This would allow the renter to enter their access code anytime they need to come into your property or leave. A great feature of this technology is that you can set up some restrictions on it, like not allowing them to let friends inside during certain hours of the day. You can also make sure that your renter isn’t giving their code to random strangers by making it available only on the day of check-in.

4) Cloud-Based Security Cameras

Having security cameras inside your house is good for both you and the renter. It provides peace of mind to renters and keeps an eye on things when you are away. There are many different types of smart home cameras available that can be controlled right from your phone or tablet using a camera app. This is a great way to make sure your house is secure at all times, even if you are away visiting family for the holidays.