With the population in Los Angeles, California continuing to increase every year, more real estate and business professionals are starting investing in more real estate in the city. The massive city in California currently has 13 million residents altogether, which has led to increasing real estate prices in recent years. But, recent months have found that the market has slowed down, which has helped prices become more affordable for potential real estate investors. While the decreased prices can be exciting to see, it is important to understand the trends of the Los Angeles real estate market before making any final investments.

According to a recent study of the Los Angeles real estate market, the predictions for the end of the third quarter look positive for both residential and commercial real estate. This gives investors more options when determining the type of investment to move forward with. Residential real estate, for example, is showing slow price increases in monthly rent, which could provide the potential for investors interested in real estate. To take advantage of this, investors have the option to purchase a property and become an active landlord. If that does not sound like the best approach, there are several other options to examine in further detail.

In June 2019, Bisnow published an article examining the opportunities in both industrial and multi-family real estate. Industrial real estate has seen steady increases for a while now, and is still in high demand, making it an ideal starting point for California investors. Los Angeles has an ideal location, with industrial warehouses spread throughout Southern California. Additionally, multi-family homes have continued to be in high demand as a result of the rising residential real estate prices, making it another great opportunity for investments.

While the city of Los Angeles sees positive movement recently, it is important to note that not all areas of real estate should be considered for investments. For example, retail has always been successful in California, but with major retail stores closing across the country, may not be a smart investment right now. It is important to do ample research on the potential investment options before making any final decisions.