Real estate provides several exciting and lucrative career options throughout the world. A few great things about this career field is it allows everyone to set their own hours, meet a lot of new people and work without getting pressured by a demanding boss. These desirable traits are extremely difficult to find in another career. The best way to stand out in the crowded job market is by getting a college degree in real estate. Here are four colleges with amazing real estate programs.

University of Pennsylvania

The Ivy League may not be the first thing everyone thinks about when it comes to real estate education, but the University of Pennsylvania actually has the top ranked program in the country. The real estate program is run by the esteemed Wharton business school, and it provides students a deep understanding of the ever-changing housing markets throughout the world. Obtaining a degree from such an elite school will make finding a job after school a breeze.

New York University

New York University is another elite college that has an excellent real estate program. The classes focus on teaching the students the intricacies of appraising, negotiating and closing homes and other real estate projects. These skills make it very easy to succeed as an agent immediately after graduation. New York has one of the largest real estate markets in the world, so it only makes sense to get educated in the city.

University of California, Berkeley

The real estate program at the University of California, Berkeley puts a huge emphasis on research and working with the community. Since the school spends so much time studying the local area, students are able to make a lot of important contacts and relationships. This makes it very easy to get a job at one of the firms in Berkeley after graduation.

University of Wisconsin

The University of Wisconsin was one of the first major colleges in the United States to develop a program based around real estate. This has helped the school fine-tune a comprehensive program that covers almost every aspect of the industry. Students can spend their time focusing on sustainability, real estate law, market valuation or land developmental projects. There are a vast number of careers in the real estate field, and going to school in Wisconsin lets every student find the right path for them.

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