Los Angeles, California continues to grow in size, and as a result, is having a direct effect on the residential Real Estate market. To help the situation, demand is increasing for residential projects, leading to new trends that residents and future residents should be aware of. It is not surprising to hear that California can see significant fluctuation when it comes the residential real estate market.

According to Curbed Los Angeles, the residential real estate market is not only expected to make some changes but has already seen a decrease in its prices. For example, sellers have been reducing the prices on their properties, with some decreasing by 14% in Los Angeles. For sellers, this can be a difficult mountain to overcome in the coming months. Luckily, it does not mean that the residential real estate market is affecting everyone in the real estate market. In August alone, sales dropped 25% throughout the month, indicating a change in the market. But, this is only a portion of the trends that Los Angeles continues to see.

For example, homes that are not receiving any interest on their home may end up decreasing the prices of their home. For buyers, this is great news, as they can purchase homes at reduced rates. In September, buyers found that home prices took a significant drop in price, indicating that the real estate market is currently being tailored to home buyers. Although, this may not be a trend that lasts, as the residential real estate market tends to see the fluctuation.

It is important to note that while there is a decline in residential real estate, it does not indicate that the real estate market is close to crashing. According to CoreLogic, it is not unusual for prices and sales to drop within the August and September months, and is not a sign to begin to panic in the area. As the August and September months pass by, it is not unusual to see prices begin to increase again, and for buyers to make more offers. By following the residential real estate market consistently, both sellers and buyers can experience significant success with their ultimate decision.

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